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About Us

The Curry Leaf was launched in June 2021, Lagos Portugal with the goal of providing a relaxed, colorful space in which dinners could explore authentic Awadhi food alongside a wide range of Portuguese wines that complement the flavors of the region.

Our Chef Rajeev Thakur has created a delicious contemporary menu, based in the knowledge of Awadhi and Mughlai cuisine, The memories when he cooked with his mother, the flavors, the tasting, the aromas, make this menu very special.

Come and enjoy what I cook with love.

History About

Awadhi contemporary cuisine

The secret of Awadhi cuisine lies in the manner in which the food is cooked on a slow fire and the spices used while making a dish. It does not use hundred-odd spices to produce each dish but a blend of a handful of uncommon spices.

Also, the slow cooking process allows the juices to be absorbed well into the food thus retaining all the nutrients. The process of marinating the meat is an important step for preparing Awadhi food as it gives a delightful taste and soft texture.

The unique taste of Awadhi is also obtained by the process of Tawa cooking which is different from the Mughlai style of cooking in a tandoor and grill.


Contact Us

 Rua dom Vasco da Gama 71A,
Lagos, 8600-722, Portugal

Opening Hours

Lunch: 12:30am – 2:30pm,
Dinner: 6:00pm – 11:00pm,
Sunday close